101 Best Taglines Competition, Submit Yours & Get A FREE LINK!


Hi There! This is Aaron from TechThinker.

I am running a little competition where you can submit the Tagline of your blog. I am a big fan of Taglines because they can be used as an elevator pitch for your blog. A good tagline can describe your blog’s purpose to a new reader in 30 seconds or less!

To take part in this competition you have to submit your blog’s tagline in the comments section. The readers of this blog (including you) will vote their choices. Once we have reached 101 tagline submissions, I will pick the 20 best taglines (based on the votes). I will also pick 10 of my favorites.

All 30 taglines will be published in this post with a link to your website. This is my way of rewarding you and thanking you for your efforts.

3 Simple Rules of this Competition:

1. You should own a blog (websites and affiliate marketing sites are not accepted).

2. Re-Tweet this post on Twitter.

3. Add your Tagline in the comments section and vote for your choices. Use the THUMBS UP icon beside the comment to add a vote.

I am looking forward to see some awesome taglines.

What if you do not have a tag line? Create one and submit it! The post titled “How to choose a good tagline for your website” can help you in creating a good tagline.

Thank You!



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  1. I really liked this, showcasing unique & best taglines. So, here is a tagline for my technology blog

    Blog:Inforids [http://inforids.com/]

    Tagline: where technology, innovation & knowledge inspires the world

  2. Techprism, Thank you for submitting the very first tagline! It’s a good one. Please let your friends know about this competition as well. Thank You!


  3. satyajit pattnaik says:

    Confluence of ignited minds

  4. Heres a tagline I would like to add:

    Tagline: Where Exquisite knowledge meets Innovative Technology

  5. thanks for help mate, I am going to use this tagline : Where Exquisite knowledge meets Innovative Technology

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