8 Important features missing in Apple’s iPad


Apple’s launch of the iPad tablet did not impress many of those who have been eagerly waiting for this device. This device, now dubbed the “Giant iPhone” did not bring the same level of excitement that iPhone brought when it was launched a couple of years ago. The iPad lacks a number of features making the device look very ordinary. Apple had an opportunity make this device extraordinary, but they missed that chance.

Here are the 8 most important features missing in the iPad:

  1. No SD Card Reader!
  2. No USB Slot!
  3. No Multitasking – iPad does not allow multiple apps to be executed at the same time (a $250 net book computer can multitask with ease).
  4. No HDMI Port – You cannot directly connect the iPad to your big screen TV to watch movies.
  5. The iPad does not support true HD. The aspect ratio of the display is 4:3 instead of the newer 16:9 ratio.
  6. No GPS – The iPad does not have a stand alone GPS system. It only has 3G assisted GPS.
  7. No Built In Camera – A video camera would have made the iPad an ideal device for video chats.
  8. No Cellular Voice – The top-end iPad with built-in 3G will only support data, there is no support for cellular voice.

I am not suggesting that that Apple should have incorporated all of the above features. But, adding a few of them could have definitely made the iPad more attractive and exciting.


  1. Hey Aaron,

    I disagree with you on these “missing” features. Only one of your features listed above is missing in the iPad – Multitasking.

    I wrote about it on my website – http://zackshapiro.com/post/361741088/apple-has-the-ipads-features-almost-all-figured-out

    Give it a read and keep up the good work, my friend.

  2. Good Analysis Zack! But there is lot of assumptions in your argument. Not everyone has a home PC, laptop, iPhone and a GPS.

    The iPad provided the opportunity for Apple to reach non-Apple consumers. But, it looks like that Apple made a product just for those folks who are already using their products.

    Yes, Apple could have done this on purpose to make sure the iPad doesn’t compete with other products such as the iPhone & MacBook Air.

    But as a consumer, I am yearning for a tablet that will offer most of the features I mentioned. I am sure in the coming year we will see tablets from other manufactures that pack more features and functionally than what the iPad offers now.

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