How to Choose a Good Twitter Username

As a business owner you may want to give some thought into the selection of your Twitter username. A good Twitter username can give you an advantage in marketing yourself or your business.

When it comes to Twitter usernames you have the following 3 choices:

1. Use Your Real Name (example @RichardBranson)

This is the best option for business owners who want to promote themselves directly. For example, if you are a real estate agent you may want to promote yourself to your local community. Using your real name is very effective on Social Networks because people are interested in making connection with a real person instead of a company. Also, this option is more suitable if you intend to use Twitter for personal use.

2. Use the Name of Your Business or Brand (example @TechThinker)

If people are going to find your business using your brand name then it is important to use your brand name as your Twitter username. For example, I use the name of my blog (TechThinker) as my username on Twitter since I want to promote my business under this brand name.

3. Use a Keyword Rich and Descriptive Name (example @WhatsOnToronto)

Some people prefer to use a keyword rich Twitter username that describes the nature of their business. For example, the username name @WhatsOnToronto is self explanatory. It is not hard to figure out what this Twitter profile is all about. Google pays a lot of attention to content generated by Social Networks. Therefore using a keyword rich username may allow you to take advantage of Google search results.

Tips for Selecting a Twitter Username

1. A Twitter Username cannot exceed the maximum 15 character limit.

2. A Twitter Username can be changed without creating a new account. You will NOT lose your followers due to a username change.

3. If you happen to change your username, make sure to immediately create a new Twitter account with your old username. Simply leave a tweet (in the newly created account) indicating the fact that you have moved to a new Twitter username.

4. If your real name is already taken, then try a username with initials (example @RobASmith) or try a name with an adjective or description (example @RealtorDavid).

5. Whenever possible try to keep your username short. Your username will consume characters when it appears on a tweet or retweet. Therefore, keep your user name as short as you can.

6. Avoid underscores(“_”) on your username. On many mobile phones it is often hard to type the underscore. Not all mobile phones support the underscore directly on the keyboard, even if the underscore is found on the keyboard it might be hard to locate it.

Do you have any other tips to choose a good username? Please share them below.


  1. I went with my blogs name, but since that was already taken I decided to go with @BuildThatListCo.

  2. Great tips. I went with my blog name too: @getyourbizsavvy

    I think its important to know these things because people often use twitter thinking its an easy way to promote or get business. Having a name is a huge part in your twitter success.

  3. Great tips Aaron. I have 2 twitter IDs – one with my real name (some 24,000 followers), other with my blog name (some 10,500 followers). Looks like I should create one more ID with rich keywords in my niche :P

  4. Great tips dude. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi, I am a SEO in Corp-Corp. May I set my twitter username as SruthiSEO or some other popular keywords as Tech. Please suggest me. I am new to this professional.


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