How to like a Facebook Page as a Page

In late 2010, Facebook introduced a new feature called Use Facebook as Page which essentially allowed one to interact with other Facebook users and pages using a page (instead of a profile).

For example, when you are using Facebook as Page whenever you comment on someone’s wall your page name will be referred in that comment instead of your actual profile name.This feature was welcomed by many users who are interested in promoting their page instead of their own profile.

Ideally one would expect that when the Use Facebook as Page option is turned on, every activity you do in Facebook will be shown as originating from your page. But this is not true. For example, when you are in the Use Facebook as Page mode and if you like another page by pressing the Like button, that action is associated to the user profile instead of the page. Confused? Let me clarify with the following example.


  1. Bob logs into Facebook
  2. Bob selects Use Facebook as Page option. Then he selects Bob’s Baby Care Page.
  3. Bob likes the Facebook page of Babies R Us.
  4. Now this action is recorded as Bob likes Babies R Us, instead of it being Bob’s Bay Care Page likes Babies R Us.

So the question is how can you make one page like another page?

The solution is simple. Instead of using the Like button on the top of your Facebook page, scroll down your Facebook page. On the bottom left hand side of the page you will see a link called Add to My Page’s Favorites. By clicking on this link you are saying that Bob’s Baby Care Page likes Babies R Us.

If you are still not clear on what to do, the screen shot below will be useful. Click on the screen shot to see a larger version.



  1. Aaron, thank you for your post.

    I don’t know if what you explain here was true by the time you posted this (2011 JULY 11) but it’s definitely not true now.

    If you Use Facebook as Page and click on “Like” on another page, Facebook does not record the “Like” in your personal profile.

    How to “Like” a Page on Facebook (from profile or from another Page) — Social Media Travelers

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