Why Am I Not Getting Many Leads Through My Website?

If you already have a real estate website and not seeing any of the benefits mentioned in the previous section, probably your website has one of the following problems:

Brochure Website

Your website virtually looks like a sales brochure. It does not have much content. But rather a picture of yourself and details on how to contact you. When you do not have much content in your site it is hard for search engines to look for you.

Not Updated Frequently

If your website is static with very few information, people are going to stay away from it. You need to update your website with latest news and tips about home buying and selling. You want to show your prospects that you are an expert and can be a trusted source to do business with. Creating a website is easy, but maintaining it takes times and effort. But don’t worry, I will teach you how to easily add/update content to your website using tools such as Microsoft Live Writer.

Not Enough Links

Your website doesn’t have any links pointing to it. Have you listed you website in local business directories? Are you referring to your website on Twitter or Facebook?

In the rest of the book, you will learn how to create an awesome website that will differentiate you from the rest of the pack. In today’s market what you need is an extraordinary website, being good is not good enough.

When I say extraordinary website, I refer to a website that provides real information and value to the readers. Not a website that looks really cool with all fancy graphics, but one that provides valuable content. In the coming sections you will learn how to create an extraordinary website.

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