Twitter Introduces New List Feature!

Today, when I logged onto Twitter, I saw the following message on my home page.


The Twitter List feature allows you to group your followers into different lists. So that you can easily keep track of Tweets within each group. For example, you may create a list for family members, a list for professional bloggers who you follow and a list for your friends.

To create a list, you simply click the button “Create a new list” and the following dialog will appear:


In the above dialog you can specify the name of the list and set it’s security privilege. A public list can be accessed by others while a private list is for your own purpose.

Once you have created the list, you can add friends to it.


When you click on following or followers, you will see a new list icon that allows you to add the person to a list. In this case I am adding @2emc to my list named “Test”.

Once you have created your list, it will appear under the home section.


In the above figure you can see that I have created 2 lists. One called “Test” and other called “ProfessionalBloggers”.

When you click on the list name, you will be taken to the list home page where you can see the tweets from people who belong to that list.


The listed label (see below – displayed beside following and followers) shows the number of lists that contain your profile. In addition you can also see which lists are following you and which lists you follow (see below).


This post provided an introduction to the Twitter List feature. I’ll write my thoughts on lists in another post.


  1. Aaron -

    Thanks for including me in your Best of the Best Twitter list. I’m working on some big things, some great new projects and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

    Keep up the great work, sir.

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